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Full text of "An ordinance to define and punish sedition"

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Ordinance to define and punish 

N.C. Constitutional Convention. 

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7/^ book must not 
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Library building. 

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State Convention-^Ad. Ses.] [November, 1861. 

Presented by Mr. Kayner. 
John "W. Syme, Printer to the Convention. 


Be it ordained, <.fc, That if any person in this State 

2 shall attempt to convey intelligence to the enemies of 

3 the Confederate States, or shall maliciously and advisedly 

4 endeavor to incite the people to resist the government of 

5 this State or the Confederate States, or persuade them to 

6 return to their connection with the United States, or mali- 

7 cously and advisedly terrify and discourage the people from 

8 enlisting into the service of this State or of the Confederate 

9 States, or shall stir up or incite tumults, disorders or insur- . 

10 rections in this State, or dispose the people to favor the 

11 enemy, every such person being thereof legally convicted 

12 by the evidence of two or more credible witnesses, or other 

13 sufficient testimony, shall be adjudged guilty of a high mis- 

14 demeanor, and shall be fined and imprisoned at the discre- 

15 tion of the court, and shall enter into recognizance with 

16 good security, in such sum as the court may deem proper, 

17 to be of the peace and good behavior toward all people in 

18 the State for three years thereafter. 

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